Step 6: You and Dante

Has this exercise made you think again about your view of ‘sin’?

Would you change your choice of worst sin?

Has it made you rethink or has it confirmed your reasons for your choice?

What difference has looking at Dante’s organization of Hell made to your thinking about sin and evil?


5 Responses to Step 6: You and Dante

  1. Anonymous says:

    It has not changed my view.

  2. JoAnn Carbery says:

    I will stand by extremism but to be truthful I do not believe in the concept of sin; I do not believe in original sin; Dante as a follower of Augustine and Aquinas does. I am with Pelagius on original sin. Dante, Augustine and Aquinas are heros of my youth but alas we disagree on original sin

  3. P. Brandt says:

    like the prior posters, i found this an interesting exercise but not something which fundamentally changed my mind. Perhaps has a person of faith, i have dwelt too long on sin, but then again, to dwell on the problem in Christianity is also to dwell upon the solution, and to magnify the problem is also to magnify the solution. Dante’s efforts to offer a critique to his current society remain somewhat timeless. Sinners really have not changed that much in the past 700 years or 7000 for that matter.

  4. I rejected the religious world view some six years ago. At that time there was a lot of anger and pent up frustration about so many aspects of religious thought, self-justification and practice that I found it impossible to look at the subject in a rational way. Today that is different, I still consider religion to be a regressive and negative force yet I do see aspects that have great merit, two thousand years of thinking men cannot all be wasted, surely. Mind you, the thinkers were in main all men, and that could well be the nub of the problem.

    I do not see any reason to change my choice. I maintain that it is quitessential to so many of todays and yesterdays sociological and psychological issues. But it would not resolved through religious contemplation, rather through appropriate therapies.

  5. no, I stay clear with my choice.
    Apathy can also be connected to betrayal (to family or friends) … when you do not assume your responsibility and let ‘sin’ in our modern way act without doing anything about it.

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